Pain Treatment – Simple or Complex?

Pain Treatment – Simple or Complex?

Are you tired of taking pain pills? Do you struggle through the day because your pain medications just aren’t enough? Modern pain medicine can treat many types of pain which may not always respond to routine medical treatments.

When it comes to back pain, proper treatment will depend on the underlying injury or condition causing pain. The severity or seriousness of the condition or injury will determine the type of treatment required.

Simple muscle injuries may require no or little treatment. You may only need a combination of rest, heat, and some stretching exercises to allow your back muscles to recover. Painkillers may be prescribed by your pain doctor if your muscles are strained and your injuries are worse.

For spinal conditions and injuries, treatments may vary. Serious problems, such as herniated discs and facet joint arthritis may require interventional pain management techniques, such as an epidural steroid injection or a nerve block to relieve pain and help the healing process. Nerve-related pain may call for nerve blocks or radiofrequency ablation to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain.

Spinal surgery may be required with spinal injuries, especially if the patient is suffering from herniated discs, scoliosis, or needs disc replacement.

In any case, you can help speed up your recovery by consulting a skilled and experienced pain specialist at a trustworthy pain medicine clinic.

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