Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy


Stem cell therapy is an emerging therapy based on the concept of providing the body with the raw ingredients it needs to repair and heal itself. We now utilize stem cell therapy to treat injured or diseased spinal discs. The therapy has been used by others to treat osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal injuries, bursitis and more.

You may have read or heard about stem cell therapy in media reports. Please note that there is a plethora of misinformation to be had. There are different types of stem cell procedures for different applications. The procedure we utilize is completely safe and FDA approved.


What is stem cell therapy?


Stem cell therapy is a therapy that utilizes your own stem cells to promote natural healing. Stem cells are foundational cells that can grow into any sort of tissue, as the body directs. The idea behind this therapy is to provide the body with targeted stem cells at the site of injury for the purposes of triggering the natural healing response.


How does stem cell therapy work?


The science is not yet clear on exactly how stem cell therapy does what it does. It could be that the body utilizes the injected stem cells to begin repairing damaged tissue. On the other hand, the presence of the stem cells could act as an alert system that tells the body a repair is needed. In either case, pain relief is realized when the body naturally responds to the site of injury.


In the case of degenerative disc disease, stem cell therapy is designed to do several things: promote natural healing, slow down the rate of degeneration, and either avoid or delay the need for back surgery.


How is the procedure performed?


After consulting with your doctor, a date for the procedures is chosen. At the office, the doctor uses a needle to extract either blood or bone marrow from which stem cells are derived. The extracted material is processed in a centrifuge to isolate and concentrate the stem cells.


With processed material in hand, the doctor uses a fluoroscope to identify the best site for injection. Then the needle is inserted, and the stem cells injected accordingly. Afterward, the needle is removed, and the injection site bandaged.


What can patients expect from the procedure?


Stem cell therapy is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that takes between 30 and 60 minutes to complete. Patients can go home immediately following completion. There may be some soreness at the injection sites. If so, it should not last more than a day or two.


There is no risk of rejection due to the fact that your own stem cells are utilized for your treatment. As for pain relief, many patients report it being immediate. Others have said it takes a day or two. In addition, some patients respond very well to just one treatment. Others require two or three.


If stem cell therapy achieves the best results, you should notice gradual improvement over time. You should be able to avoid or delay back surgery, and you may not need to continue using pain medication as much.


Stem cell therapy is an emerging therapy that deserves your attention. If you are suffering from back pain as a result of damaged or diseased discs, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss this therapy with you. It is safe, minimally invasive, and could be the solution you have been looking for.