Injuries to ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and other soft tissues can lead to long-term pain due to the poor healing properties of such tissues. Rather than simply mask the pain with medication, we seek to help the body naturally repair itself through a procedure known as prolotherapy.

Prolotherapy is a safe and proven treatment for musculoskeletal injuries, facet syndrome, chronic tendinitis, and more. It is a non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment. If you tolerate needles well, you should have no problem with prolotherapy injections.


How does prolotherapy work?



Certain types of tissues do not respond as well to healing efforts following injury. They take a long time to heal and, in some cases, never completely heal on their own. Prolotherapy is a therapy designed around the concept of helping the body do a better job of healing.


We utilize a combination of naturally derived dextrose and an anesthetic to trigger the natural healing response. The injection essentially tricks the body into believing a new injury has occurred. In turn, this triggers the healing response.


Repairing cells, some of which are fibroblasts, are sent to the injury site where tissue repair begins. Over time, additional injections result in more material being sent to the site. The body eventually heals itself, thus relieving the patient’s pain.


How is this procedure applied?


Prolotherapy is one of the most basic treatments we offer. After examining the patient to discover the source of pain, the doctor chooses an appropriate injection site. The prolotherapy material is prepared and injected with a thin needle. That’s it. Most patients return to their normal activity immediately following the injection. Some choose to rest for a few hours or the remainder of the day.


There is very little risk of complications from prolotherapy. Just remember that the risk of infection is present with any type of injection. Prolotherapy is no exception. Also plan on the procedure taking about 30 minutes, including prep and observation time.


What can patients expect from this procedure?


Studies suggest that up to 80% of those receiving prolotherapy report positive results. Some see significant improvement after just one injection. Others need multiple injections before maximum relief is found. At any rate, each successive injection should improve the patient’s condition.


Because prolotherapy seeks to encourage natural healing rather than merely masking pain, it is possible to be fully cured as a result of multiple injections. At the very least, you may discover that prolotherapy allows you to enjoy what you consider a normal life once again.


Is prolotherapy right for me?


As attractive as prolotherapy might be, it is not a suitable treatment for every condition that causes chronic pain. The only way to know for sure that it is appropriate for you is to consult with an experienced physician who understands the treatment and its implications. The doctors at Lone Star Pain Medicine have the knowledge and experience to advise you accordingly.


We invite you to consider this treatment if you are suffering nagging pain from soft tissue injuries, facet syndrome, or musculoskeletal pain in your shoulder, arm, hand, leg, or foot. A thorough examination should be able to determine whether or not you are a suitable candidate for prolotherapy.