Patient Testimonials

“I have fought pain for 6 years, had multiple surgeries, and doctors who didn’t care. For the past year I have lived with a level 9 to 10 pain. Then a wonderful neurologist referred me to Dr. Harmer. He did testing and we decided that the Dorsal Column Stimulator would probably be my best option. He said that it would possibly only eliminate 40%-50% of my pain, but it has relieved 100% of my pain. I thank God for blessing me and guiding me to Dr. Harmer who helped me and has given me my life back.”


“When I first started coming to Lone Star Pain Medicine I could hardly walk and then I met Dr. Harmer. He did a procedure on the upper back and the pain went away. Then the lower back became a problem. Dr. Harmer’s procedure made me feel more at ease than the other surgery done by a surgeon in Fort Worth and I could do more than I ever could before. I could get up out of my wheelchair. Since then I know Dr. Harmer really cares and has an interest in me as a patient. That is why I continue to see him as needed. He encouraged me to go from my bed, to a wheelchair, to a walker to walking by myself and I don’t know what I would do without him.”


“I am Ralph, and I have had a lot of trouble with chronic headaches for over 50 years. The only relief I could get was with aspirin and ASA medications because I was unable to take other medications. So from 1954 until March of this past year (2007), I have had chronic headaches. But then this pain clinic installed the stimulator and from that time on I have not been bothered with headaches (except short ones until the stimulator does its job and cures the headache). I feel much better. I would recommend the procedure to anyone who requires it or needs it.”

-Ralph, Age 89